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News from Chris and Keni

posted 20 Jun 2012, 03:17 by Pete Steadman   [ updated 29 Jan 2013, 06:45 by EBKA Webmaster ]

Hi Martin,

Hope all are well, please pass on our regards to everyone. Just thought I’d let you know what’s happening here.

After really poor winter, our hive survived, and has been building up nicely. Quite a few English beekeepers around here, as well as French, so we all have mixtures of Dadant and Nationals!

Last night, around 7.30pm, friend called to say she’d got a swarm on her fencepost and with her 3 dogs around, was worried (for the dogs). So Chris and I gave another beek a call and Mike came over with a swarm box he’d made and we drove over to her place around 20 mins away. Got there, technical book swarm, over fencepost and smoke upwards into box, then left for tens mins (cup of tea) whilst the rest went in. Got them all, drove home and they all walked into our hive ready for them (Dadant). That was around 9.30pm. – Still light here and bees still fly at that time.

Checked our original hive this morning as I’d noticed ‘play cups’ last week. Got at least 2 sealed QC’s and several open with grubs in. Managed to do an artificial swarm with old queen (marked) and then it rained. Left for the night and tomorrow will sort out QC’s on old hive.

So in a space of 24 hours, from one to three hives – for now!

Still renovating the house though and just eating our crop of strawberries and blackcurrants. Also usual stuff like salad etc doing well. Even got a peanut plant growing and in flower at the mo!

We enjoy Graham’s blog – great to hear how all are.

Regards Chris & Keni. x