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EBKA Programme 2010

Evesham Beekeepers’

Programme for 2010


Feb 23rd Tues 7.30pm      Opening Meeting Preparing for the show bench.                                         By Mike Eden.  At Oat Street Evesham


Mar 20th Sat   2.30pm        Members Opening of the Branch Apiary.                                                       Pershore College

Apr 10th Sat  2.30 pm          Worcester County BKA AGM at Hanbury Village                                                         Hall. Talk by Nic Padwick


Apr 11th Sun 2.00pm        New Members Workshop. Preparing for the year                                          ahead . At the Branch Apiary with David Yates.


Apr 16 17 18th                  BBKA Spring Convention at Stoneleigh


Apr 24th  Sat  2.30pm       Apiary Meeting at Branch Apiary.


May 8th   Sat  2.30pm       Apiary Meeting at Branch Apiary.


May 22nd Sat 2.30pm       Official Opening of Branch Apiary.


June 5th  Sat                   New Members workshop, Extracting with                                                    Richard Toft at Pershore College Juice Plant

June 12th Sat 2..30pm      Pershore College Open Day. A chance to                                                    promote our Apairy & sell our extracted honey                                            for Branch funds.

June 18th Fri 6.30pm       Club night. A chance to catch up at the Branch                                           Apiary.


Jul 3rd   Sat 10.30am                              Bee Safari. 

10.30. Richard Higgins – Wadborough

                                              12.30. Julia & James Gillett – Churchill 

                                                    14.30. Lucy Harris – Crowle.

                                          REFRESHMENTS SERVED HERE at Lucy's


Jul 9th   Fri   6.30pm        Club night at Branch Apiary.


Jul 24th Sat  2.30pm       Branch Apiary Meeting. (how is the Queen                                                 rearing going?)


Aug 6th Fri  6.30pm         Club night & Barbecue at the Branch Apiary.                                               More details to follow.


Aug 14th Sat 10.00am      Extracting Branch Honey Pershore College                                               Juice Plant.                                 


Aug 30th Mon                  Pershore Plum Fair.


Sep 11th Sat  2.30pm       Branch Apiary Meeting. (How is the feeding                                                going ?)


Sep 17th Fri  7.00pm        Branch Honey Show. at Oat Street.


Sep 25 26th Sat Sun        Worc's County BKA  Honey Show.


Oct 2nd  Sat   2.30pm.     New Members workshop.Closing down for                                               winter at Branch Apiary.


Oct 15th Fri  7.30pm          Branch AGM.



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